The van, The good Idea

08/05/2020 19:10

While deconfinement is in sight, many of us wonder how it will happen: how is our life going to change? will our children be safe at school? Many doubts and uncertainties reign in our heads since the start of this health crisis of 2020,…

The Balearic Islands on the road to electricity

23/04/2020 16:12

This article is dedicated to a subject that is important to many of us: "the environment", and more specifically to that of our beautiful Balearic archipelago. As usual we approach subjects that we know and are…

Why rent a van ?

09/12/2019 18:28

For some time there has been a real craze around the van. This somewhat “roots” style of vacation is beginning to modernize. With friends, lovers or family, depending on the capacity of the…

Why and how to rent a van at Ôsen Way?

15/09/2019 10:47

It's done, the date of the vacation is set, your mind is already imagining your next stay! This time you have chosen something unusual and you feel the need for freedom: you want to rent a Camper Van for your vacation!

Rather fun, right? It…