Why rent a van ?

09/12/2019 18:28

For some time there has been a real craze around the van. This somewhat “roots” style of vacation is beginning to modernize. With friends, lovers or family, depending on the capacity of the Camper, its functions and its layout, this vehicle becomes a full-fledged way to go on holiday. But for what reasons? Why rent a van for your vacation? There are multiple answers to these questions, so we've selected a few for you.

1) First, test travel and freedom

If you have a bit of adventure in you and you really want to relax, the van trip is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation. We forget the daily organization when we are in a hotel, for meal times, opening and closing. We give way to freedom! Freedom of choice, of your desires, of your organization. Freedom of life simply!
In addition, we travel with the minimum yes, but you still have the necessary equipment for a serene vacation: fridge, sink, beds, solar panel ... Discover the full list of Ôsen Way vans. Honestly, to try a van trip once is to adopt it!

Van Ôsen Way2) Travel from a new angle

But ultimately what is so different about sleeping in a hotel by the beach and sleeping in a van? If we ask our last customers, everyone will answer: "it changes everything". To understand, you have to live it. But it is true that waking up in a hotel room is not as attractive as an alarm clock in the bed of a van, with your feet at the edge of the water or in the mountains, the song of birds , the sun starting to heat up and the smells of summer.

In fact, we discover the landscapes from a new angle, we see them with a whole new novelty and that is what makes the stay so unusual. We completely disconnect from our daily lives.

3) Traveling by van with little expense

Renting your Camper is like living your stay at a lower cost. For example, at Ôsen Way, the rental for one night starts at € 89 (the price varies according to the season). In this price everything is included, since the van is not only your means of transport but also your accommodation. No need to rent a car or pay for hotel breakfasts. Then, for the rest of the expenses of the stay it is up to you to organize yourself. We gave you some advice in the last newsletter. To not miss this type of information, subscribe now.

4) Test the van before adopting it definitively

You are planning to buy your own van. And it is a financial investment let us not hide it. Life in a van is not always as seen on social media:

  • Finding a place to sleep is not always easy to find
  • Getting organized is the key to making sure your trip goes smoothly
  • If you are with family or friends, you must learn to live in a confined space

Finally, we travel with the necessary, not easy for everyone to accept this.

It is therefore a good idea to hire a van before embarking on your purchase, to ensure that it meets what you are looking for.

5) Test a vehicle model

There are many models of vehicles: large, small, tall, ... and depending on the rental agencies, with layouts all different from each other. Renting a certain model will let you know if it suits you or not. If you hesitate between several models, testing vans on short stays such as a weekend is a good way to know which one meets your expectations.

6) Test the facilitiesVan Ôsen way

Also with this purchase perspective, you know you want one. You must now be able to choose the one that suits You best, and planning is a key element.

Even if in this concept of travel we only look at what is necessary, it does not prevent anything that we need: a kitchen, a shower and a little storage. Renting a van is a good opportunity to find out what would work best for you.

7) And finally, even more freedom

You have gone around the question, and for the moment you do not want to buy a van, for many reasons: no room to store it, no desire to embark on a total arrangement, no financial means for the buy (because yes invest 40,000 € it is therefore), no time to maintain it ...

Renting a van is therefore THE solution to be able to enjoy all the advantages of a van without being subject to the constraints! A great opportunity for you to go on weekends and / or holidays with total freedom! And to make you feel even lighter, the Ôsen Way team will advise and guide you on your routes. You do not know what to do ? You don't know where to go? No problem, the team will advise you according to your desires!

You understood it there are many reasons to rent a van, whether to discover this type of trip or for a purchase project, the rental is a good way to cross the course!