The electric scooter

Following a trip to the lands of Mallorca in a van, the Ôsen Way team decided to open up to the marine world with a completely new concept. After the very successful electric dirt scooter, today we invite you to ride a scooter on the water !

The "Scooter of the seas" is a board 2 m long by 1 m wide which is driven using a directional handlebars. Forward, backward, right and left, navigate as you want! Ecological and respectful of its environment, the sea scooter works thanks to an electric motor whose speed does not exceed 8 km / h.

Thanks to its stability and cruising speed, the Sea Scooter is accessible to everyone : children and adults !

You can come and discover our shop based on the bay of Santa Ponsa where you can practice this new nautical activity. And to satisfy everyone's desires, we can also travel to a large part of the island of Mallorca *!

For more information or to book, it's simple, fill out the form or contact us by WhatsApp on +34 692 422 291.

In the meantime, here is a little glimpse of sea scooters in the turquoise waters of Mallorca !

* Under a minimum of 5 boards rented.