Ôsen Way, van rental agency in Mallorca

This style of vacation is for those who want to get away from their daily routine and get away from mass tourism. With family or friends, the van can be able to welcome to 5 people, gives you everything you need. Paradisiac place and unusual journey, let's go for a road trip from Mallorca!

The Balearic archipelago divided into 4 islands

Mallorca, the largest, where sea and mountain merge. Menorca quieter and smaller offers magnificent beaches with turquoise waters. Ibiza known for its frenzied evenings also hides peaceful villages. And Formentera, natural and wild, deemed for its dune-bordered beaches where tranquility is at its peak.

The « vanlife »

More than a word, it's a lifestyle. Living "vanlife" means traveling with the sole objective of getting away from it all, breaking yourself with everyday life and sharing unique moments. It's also a cheap, all-inclusive trip that offers total freedom.
« Traveling the best way to get lost to find yourself ».